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Pre-cleared homegrown music for
motion picture & Ad projects

Sync House Music is an instant sync licensing company with precleared, pre-licensed all exclusive music. This house was built for filmmakers and advertising agencies. 

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Indie Films & Movies

We have the perfect song for your movie.


Strike the right tone to match your ad. 

TV Programming

We license music for major TV shows with one click.

Web Videos

You can now buy music that is precleared for youtube.

Our collaborations with talented songwriters and producers who have created music for top 100 Billboard artists...

Our music supervision team specializes in securing placements for a wide range of projects, from independent films to major Hollywood productions.


Sync Music

Adding music to a motion picture is Synchronization (sync). We offer great quality sync music precleared and ready to go.
All produced in house. 

Cover Songs

License a famous hit recreated by a sync house artist. Just let us know the song and we can cover it. We would love to see you dancing in the Purple Rain! 

Custom Music

Our partnership with SongwritersAndProducers allows us to create and record custom music for your project. All cleared, licensed, and ready for use. 

Quick Licensing

Our standard pricing offers affordable instant licensing, allowing you to quickly obtain the rights to the songs you require. Additionally, for larger projects, we offer custom pricing, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for licensing the specific songs you need. 

Large Catalog

With thousands of songs available for licensing, you’ll have access to a vast selection to meet your needs. Each recording is meticulously crafted in a professional music studio, employing state-of-the-art technology to ensure exceptional quality.

Film, TV, Web Series Music

We offer licensed music that caters to a wide range of projects, encompassing movies, TV series, websites, physical distribution and digital downloads, DJ remixes, advertisements, corporate applications, and video games. Whatever your project, we have the music to enhance and complement your creative endeavors. Use our AI technology to find the perfect song. 

Worry Free Licensing

Sync House Music is your go-to destination for licensing music that clears all channels. Our unique advantage lies in producing all our music in-house, with a dedicated team of partners and producers who create homegrown tracks.

Powered by the renowned team at Songwriter And Producers, we expertly curate tracks in bulk and for one-off projects.

Trust Sync House Music to deliver exceptional sync music that resonates with your audience.

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In-house producers

License the most popular songs for your independent film. Our cover tune library gives you access to the most popular hits.

Music cover songs from Elvis to Adele, we provide you with the sync track, license to use, and clearance to add to your film

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