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Which license do I need to use the music for a commercial?

You need a regular license for advertisement since the audiance is not paying to see the project. They are only viewing the commercial. Even if they buying the end product. 

Which license do I need for broadcast TV or Film?

The extended license will cover the broadcast TV show or movie. That is because the end product being sold is the show. 

Can I re-distribute the music I purchase?

You can NOT re-distribute, resell, sublicense or offer in stock any of the music that you purchase from Sync House Music. We do have a special division that manages sublicensing and you are welcome to contact us for the proper way to build your own library. (Contact Us)

Can I use the music in a new song that I’m creating?

You may NOT use the music in a stand- alone track to create another song. 

Can I use the music for my Podcast, Audiobook or Meditation?

Yes! Keep in mind that the music must be the seasoning to the end product and not primary product. It should have speech, dialog, and other content as the primary focus. 

A web use license is good for what?

This is good for projects that will be loaded to YouTube, your website, business conference, seminars. It does NOT include broadcast TV, Internet TV or Radio. 

Can Sync House help me license a song that I hear on the radio?

Yes, we can help you license a song on or off the radio. We can even product a cover tune and help you license that song. It’s important to have a minimum budget of $5,000 for some songs and also know the exact use for the song (scene, length of use etc,).